About Us

The Dr Sam Motsuenyane Rural Development Foundation was founded by Dr Sam Motsuenyane, a pioneer in economic transformation who has dedicated his life to empowering individuals and communities to participate in rural and township economies. The Foundation was created and designed to address the needs and challenges which presently impede the development of township and rural communities in South Africa, more especially in the agricultural sector. The Foundation’s roots are anchored in townships and rural areas where some of its flagship agricultural projects in grain, vegetables and citrus production are located, spanning Gauteng, North-West and Mpumalanga Provinces.


The Dr Sam Motsuenyane RDF work focusses on township and rural economies which are conventionally known as the informal economy. Township and rural economies operates at the periphery of the formal economy which has resulted in government and the private sector still grappling with pointing out opportunities, challenges, alternate financial interventions and practical business implementation models to bring this economy into the mainstream. With its roots in these communities, the Dr Sam Motsuneyane RDF believes that the biggest challenge of economic development in rural and township economies is transforming them from markets to economies. Markets entail a consumption-driven society. Townships have become a market for others, but there is little productive activity happening. Our focus is to stimulate economic activity in rural and township areas by focusing on increasing and aggregating fragmented production efforts by township SMEs and entrepreneurs. The Foundation’s aims to achieve this through creating partnerships and mobilizing resources consequential to SME development, as well as creating linkages for access to markets. Through these interventions, the Foundation aims to bolster the current township and rural economy revitalization efforts from both private sector and government to ultimately achieve the NDP’s 2030 vision of creating 11-million jobs of which 90% should come from the small business sector.


To mobilise financial, technical and any other resources to support development for township and rural businesses

To carry out and administer grants, making priorities as per its requirements, guideline and conditions

To research and provide information on township and rural economies with focus on the transformation of the agriculture sector

To forge partnerships with organisations working on the development of rural and township economies


To build economically viable and sustainable township and rural communities


Empower rural and township communities through skills development and enterprise development programs


Develop agribusinesses and other non-agriculture entities across different value chains by linking skill development and technical support in order to create jobs and wealth for South Africa’s rural and township businesses.