After harvest we experienced electricity problems for about 2 months and during that time we lost some of our clientele and we didn’t have funds to continue processing peanuts and that’s when we resorted to the foundation for financial assistance.

We asked for a loan to the amount of R76 000 from the Dr Sam Motsuenyane Rural Development Foundation in order for us to be able to resume in business. The funds were planned to purchase 2 tons of raw peanuts and process them into roasted and flavoured peanuts snacks i.e. 1388 units of 36/40g the first batch (half a ton) of peanuts was processed in Bela Bela and we managed to sell in a month instead of 2 weeks because some members were absent from work and thus prolonged the distribution process.

We then processed the second batch of a ton (695 bales of 36/40g) again at Bela Bela and was scheduled to be distributed in 4/5 weeks but the distribution process was also prolonged because 2 members resigned and 1 was not active, so it was only 2 members left.

After distributing we processed the remaining half a ton in our processing unit which moved very slowly to sell due to car breakdown and that meant we could no longer reach our clients in other areas.


  • No fencing on the farm and this resulted to cattle’s grazing on the farm
  •      Transportation to and from the farm for farm workers
  •      Not enough water for drinking, cooking and bathing
  •      No storage for tools, fertilizers etc
  •      No shelter for farm workers to remove peanuts from stems after harvest
  •      No toilets
  •      No proper infrastructure for the farmer/s residing at the farm which exposed them to danger and temperature
  •      Groundnuts affected by frost during the drying process


  • Some of the funds were used to pay for the Business Plan and for Bookkeeping consultations.
  • We are currently struggling to run the business by coming to work on a regular basis and we have stopped processing and selling because we lack funds for rent, electricity, to hire labour for de-shelling and for other needs.
  • March 2019 we received donation of a cake mixer, 2 stainless steel tables, scale, oven, hard drive and extension cord.
  • In May 2019 we received product testing report of Gog Lilly Natural Peanut Butter from SEDA through eGoli Bio Incubator which came positive.
  • We attend business trainings and we are preparing presentation for branding purposes organized by eGoli Bio.
  • We entered a competition with Gauteng Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries under agro-processing sector which will be held sometime in August.