In 2017/2018 season Bontle Le Temo partnered with two Co-operatives i.e. Kagisano Co-Operative and Shumani Winterveldt Agricultural Co-Operative with the intension of them growing groundnuts to supply our Agro-processing unit, a total of 10 hectares was planted in Jerico and Dennilton. We didn’t have adequate funds to kick start the Jerico Project fortunately through the Dr Sam Motsuenyane Rural Development Foundation we got in touch with an incubation centre called Morithi Wa Sechaba which promised to fund Bontle Le Temo to kick start the Jerico Project. Due to the fact that time was not on our side to plant groundnuts we then tapped into the company’s finances to start the Project with the hope of being funded. But unfortunately that didn’t materialize.

Bontle Le Temo purchased implements: tractor and plough for the purpose of planting in Jerico and Winterveldt and other necessities like tent for shelter, mattress, work wear, grocery and other necessary/needed essentials to accommodate 2 people who were living at the farm.

In December/January we had an increase in sales through the sale of roasted peanuts so that also contributed towards the project but as a result the Processing Unit suffered and that led to us asking for a loan from the foundation to the amount of R11 000 for the farm lobourers and transportation in Jerico.

We also spend on fuel for regular visits and to deliver grocery on a monthly basis